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BasketBalls Instructions

If you have played physics games before, you shouldn't have any trouble playing BasketBalls. Just like other games in the genre, BasketBalls is played entirely with the mouse: from shooting for that ring; passing the ball to the referee to get 5 seconds more on your clock; and everything else in between. That's about it for the control scheme; now let's have a closer look at the game.

BasketBalls Walkthrough

BasketBalls - apparently, this game is all about... well, basketball! BUT nah, it isn't the type that you would play in the basketball court where you have a team of 5 going up against another team; where you have to run back and forth; where there are free throws... I'm sure you know what the REAL basketball is. Anyway, in this physics game, while you do need to pick a team and you need to go up against another team in some of the levels, you don't have to control players; run around the court; etc. The whole objective of the game is to make everyone in your team score. That may sound easy BUT as you will see later, it's NOT!

The game play is pretty straightforward: someone in your team has the ball, and you need to shoot it to the ring. In later levels, there will be more than one ball and more than one ring... and it's situated too far from you. The solution? You need to pass the ball to your teammate. Let me remind you, the whole team can only catch balls and shoot... they cannot run to pick it up. That said, you need to make sure your throws and passes are as precise as they could get... ensuring your teammate gets the ball. To make it a little easier for you, there will be an indicator of the ball's projectile... the ball's direction when you throw it. Using that, you can tweak the angle of your shots, passes, or throws by moving your mouse. Once you are done, hit the left click button to make the shot.

Just like in a REAL basketball game, there's a time limit. Fortunately, it's not as short as the 24-second shot clock. You are given a minute or so to complete the level. If you ever find yourself running very low on time, pass the ball to a referee. Doing so adds 5 seconds to your clock. It's NOT a lot BUT, trust me, in the later and harder levels, you will need all the help you can get. So don't snob the additional 5 seconds. Also, there will be players from other teams in some of the levels. Nah, they won't try to steal the ball from you or try to get the rebound. HOWEVER, they will stand in your way... making an otherwise easy and clean pass or shot hard.

Moving forward, for those of you who are having a hard time making progress in this game, here's a brief walkthrough for the first couple of levels. Follow these steps down to the last letter and you will milk that level for whatever points its worth:

Level 1: First off, hit the ref for an additional 5 seconds. You see, the more seconds left on the clock you have, the greater you score. Next, instead of passing it to your teammate to the right, try to shoot the basket without passing.

Level 2: First, shoot the first basket, which is a piece of cake. Next, pass the ball to the referee and make sure you rebound the ball from the ref. Last BUT not the least, aim for the LONG shot... ace the last part and you will surely get a high score in the bag.

Level 3: Aim for the switch to open the gate, door, or whatever you want to call it. Your teammate inside it will pick up the ball. Shoot the ball, and another teammate will pick up the ball. Shoot it to the next hoop, and another teammate will pick it up. And for the final act in this level, you need to aim high over the opponent.

Most of the later levels (there's more than 30 by the way) require a combination of these simple tips and tricks. Once you know these simple tricks like the back of your hand, you shouldn't have trouble with the game.

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