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Just like other physics games out there, may it have birds or not, Birdish Petroleum is played entirely with the mouse: use it to drop grenades on those petroleum / oil tankers; give them the spanking they need with a well-placed hurricane; direct your super-birds to whichever spot they are needed; to unleash that devastating sonic wave; and everything else in between. That's about it for the controls. Now let's see how these colorful and cuddly birds own those oil tankers that get on their way!

Birdish Petroleum Walkthrough

I'm not too sure what's going on with the birds of today, BUT one thing is for sure: they have learned how to kick butt. First there was the physics game Angry Birds. We all know how that game goes: using birds that have above-average skills - some are powerful enough to destroy almost anything they ram themselves into; others explode on impact; another variety works like a scatter bomb, etc. you need to take out all of those green piggies on the screen who ate the birds' eggs. Launch them using a 'larger than life' slingshot and I'm sure you know how that game goes. And now, we have another case of birds going mad - Birdish Petroleum! And as you will see, the colorful birds in this game can be very devastating to those that dare disturb their domain!

A puzzle and physics game developed by Piter Games, in Birdish Petroleum, your task is to get rid of every single oil tanker in a level. Do that and you beat the stage, move on to the next, rinse and repeat, until you win the game. The birds aren't war freak or aggressive by nature. They are living peacefully on an island until oil tankers and warships came around and decided to build an oil sucking platform. And we all know too well what that means for the birds - pollution... so bad that it turns the clouds NOT gray BUT black. You really can't blame these guys for revolting. Anyway, moving forward...

There are four birds at your disposal: (1) First, on the first level, we are introduced to the orange bird - a Phoenix to be precise. It sure looks harmless BUT it isn't. This little guy can set those oil tankers on fire and sink them in a moment's notice when it hits the RIGHT spot. (2) Next, there's the blue and windy bird, which looks a lot like the twitter logo. This little fella specializes in summoning hurricanes and tornadoes just like Storm from X-Men. And they are strong enough to lift and throw oil tankers miles away like nobody's business. (3) Next, there's the green bird. Of all the birds in physics game, this is the only one that doesn't have any special or nature-related powers. BUT he's good at one thing: carrying and throwing grenades! (4) And last BUT not the least, there's Pinky Crier. Nah, she's not a cry baby. And if she begins to cry, you better run away. Her cries are strong enough to push those oil tankers and warships to their destruction!

That's the good news: your birds are very powerful... far more powerful than the fellas from Angry Birds. The bad news is that you cannot move them just by clicking on them. Yes, clicking on pinky and the blue windy bird will unleash their destructive powers... BUT as you will see for yourself when you play the game, you need to get them to the right spot - near or above a ship usually, to do significant damage. That's when interacting with your surroundings come to the rescue. While this is a timed game (the faster you finish the task the higher your score gets), you need to look around and see what resources are available to you: can you unscrew a bar and make it swing and hit one of your colored birds... pushing it to the right direction? Can you make that massive sign or wheel drop on your bird to make it roll and land on the pesky ship nearby? You have to be aware of the actions and sequence that clicking on an object in the level triggers. BUT worry not, the first few levels should give you a good introduction on how things work around in the game.

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