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Blinkz Instructions

Blinkz is controlled by using the mouse. Click on blocks to remove them. Press the R key to restart the current level.

Blinkz Walkthrough

Blinkz is a physics game where gravity is your greatest ally. Blinkz features colorful graphics, nifty background music, simple controls, and twenty-five levels.

The objective of Blinkz is to get the small pink block to rest on top of the large pink block in each level without the small pink block falling off of the stage. To accomplish this goal, you will have to remove other pieces by clicking them. After the correct pieces have been removed, gravity will kick in and do the dirty work for you. The initial levels of this physics game are straightforward and can be completed simply by clearing a path for the block to fall; later levels will require more complex thinking, however. There are twenty-five levels in all and your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, meaning that you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

The fewer clicks that you use to complete each level, the better. Each level has a par number of clicks. Accomplishing your goal in an equal or lesser number of clicks will earn you a gold star for that level. Unfortunately, the par number of clicks is not displayed. Remember that you can retry any previously-beaten level in this physics game if you failed to earn a star on it the first time around.

Blinkz is not an extremely difficult game; in fact, compared to other Flash puzzle games, it is rather easy. If you still find yourself stuck on a level, a walkthrough is available but I advise you to keep trying to find a solution on your own so that you can fully enjoy the challenge that this physics game offers. Trial-and-error is helpful on some levels, so don't be ashamed to restart a level as many times as you need to until you have figured out the solution.

Blinkz may be easy as far as Flash puzzle games go, but it is still a fun game that provides a bit of a challenge. If you want a light mental exercise that is perfect for passing the time on a break, then give this physics game a try!

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