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Blosics Instructions

Being a physics game that relies a lot on your creative brain juices, the control scheme of Blosics is as easy as it could get. For the most part, you will be clicking in and using your mouse this physics game: use it to aim as well as tweak the power of your shot. Once you think the power is just about right, just release the left click button and see those blocks tumble down. If you are on the hunt for a good puzzle / physics game that will get you thinking, you should check out Blosics.

Blosics Walkthrough

No fancy or suspenseful background stories - the objective of this game is as straightforward as it could get. You have to throw those green blocks off of the platform using that black ball (which I bet is made of rubber). PLUS, aside from toppling all of the green blocks, you also need to have a perfect score of 100 / 100 to move on to the next level. Told you there's nothing complicated as far as the objective goes. BUT that is NOT to say that this physics game is easy... far from it!

The Red Blocks: Yeah, aside from the green blocks, you also need to pay close attention to the red ones. These are the blocks that you don't want to send tumbling down into the abyss. Do that and you will see your score for that level gets chopped off. And here's what: most of the time, they are mixed with the green blocks in a way that if you hit the whole bunch even in the slightest off-target manner, the red blocks will come crashing down first before the green ones. That alone is enough to challenge even the veterans of physics games out there.

The game comes only with 10 levels, and you may think that this is a piece of cake. Well, again, no it's not a piece of cake. While there's a walkthrough that can show you where to hit the blocks, you have to rely a lot on your feel - feel for the power of the shot; feel for the angle; etc. That's not something a walkthrough can provide. And what the heck?! Why would you check out a walkthrough for physics games like this? That just defeats the purpose.

Tips And Reminders To Keep In Mind: To be honest, my first run at this physics game ended with an abysmal score of 146. That's not entirely useless; we can use it as a bad example of how to play Blosics. That said, here are some of the things you should avoid doing in this physics game.

Do NOT be trigger happy. This isn't some first person shooter! You see, each time you fire that black ball - no matter how small or big it is - it costs 4 points. While that doesn't sound a lot, when your off-target shots, which won't do your score any good, accumulates, you could easily end up like me. Before you touch that mouse, you better have a good idea of where you want to hit that pile of green and red blocks.

Reminder number two - see that restart button located at the bottom part of the screen? There are times that it's useful. For example: let's say after throwing a ball or two, you can see that the remaining blocks, despite toppling them all off from the platform, won't give you a 100 / 100 score, then you can press the restart button instead of uselessly trying to eliminate the green blocks. HOWEVER, let me remind you, do NOT spam the restart button. Each restart costs 10 points. It's something you want to think about. Make sure you have exhausted all of your resources and ideas. Use it only when you have to.

Well, I think that's about everything you need to remember about this physics game. Can you play better than I did?

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