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Blosics 3 Instructions

Blosics 3 is controlled by using the mouse and the spacebar. Use your mouse to select the type of ball that you wish to shoot. Click the left mouse button to create a ball. Drag your mouse to aim and power your shot. Press the spacebar to cancel a shot. You may press the R key to restart a level.

Blosics 3 Walkthrough

Blosics 3 is the third of the Blosics series of physics games. Blosics 3 improves upon the graphics of its predecessors, and contains all-new sound effects, twenty-seven new levels, eleven new achievements.

Blosics 3 features gameplay that is similar to the previous two games in the Blosics series. Your objective in this physics game is to knock blocks off of the level to score points. To do this, you will have to launch balls from the shooting area (the translucent circle) of each level at the structures. Once you have scored enough points, you will be able to advance to the next level. You may also try to earn more stars by knocking more blocks off of the screen. If you feel the need to restart a level, you may do so by pressing the R key.

Unlike the previous Blosics games, you cannot control the size of your shot in Blosics 3. Instead, you may only choose the type of ball that you wish to use by clicking the button labeled "Ball" in the lower-left corner of the screen. To unlock more balls, you will have to gain stars on levels. Try to gain as many stars as you can on the easier levels of this physics game to add more ball types to your arsenal. Balls cost points to shoot, and each type of ball has its own score price, indicated by a number below it on the selection screen (for example, normal balls have the number "4P" below their icon, so they cost four points per shot). For this reason, it is best to select the cheapest ball for the job to save as many points as possible in this physics game.

If you have played previous games in the Blosics series, you may remember that you wanted to avoid knocking red blocks off of the screen in these games. In Blosics 3, this is different. In fact, it is better to knock red blocks off of the screen than it is to get rid of green blocks since red blocks reward more points in this physics game. Blocks are weighted from lightest-to-heaviest by color, green, yellow, then red. The heavier the block, the harder it is to remove it from the screen, but the more points it will reward you.

The final notable difference of Blosics 3 compared to its predecessors is the talking blocks. In my opinion, this creates a "Jar Jar" effect, and shouldn't have been added to the game. Children may enjoy this feature, but older players may find it annoying. You may mute the sound effects under the options menu after pausing the game, but sadly this mutes all sound effects, not just the speech.

Blosics 3 is an awesome physics game, and despite the talking blocks, a great addition to the Blosics franchise. Easy controls make Blosics 3 appropriate for all ages and children may actually enjoy the talking blocks.

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