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BridgeCraft Instructions

BridgeCraft is controlled by using the mouse. Click on anchor points and drag to place pieces of bridge. Click on pieces to remove them. Click and drag to scroll across the level.

BridgeCraft Walkthrough

BridgeCraft is a physics game that is similar to Cargo Bridge, only cuter. BridgeCraft features cartoonish graphics, simple controls, thirty stages, and two difficulty levels.

The objective of BridgeCraft is to build bridges for the cute characters to cross. If the characters make it safely to the red flag on the other side of the level, then you will be able to proceed to the next. If the characters fall into the water, then you will fail and have to start over. Your progress is automatically saved in this physics game, so you can continue from where you left off after taking a break. BridgeCraft features two difficulty levels: easy and normal. If you are new to this physics game or just want to practice the basics, I advise playing the easy difficulty level since it is much more forgiving.

BridgeCraft uses the mouse as its control device. Click on anchor points and drag to place segments of bridge. Use deck for segments that will be walked across and use rope or steel to build support structures. When you are satisfied with your bridge, click the start button to make the character begin their journey across the bridge. The inhabitants of the town that you are reconstructing are very friendly and will often offer additional pointers. Click on speech balloons over characters' heads if you need more help.

Be mindful of your budget when building bridges. Each item that you place costs money. The prices indicated for each item is the price of the longest possible span of that material. Placing spans that are shorter will cost less money. For example, the price of steel is two hundred dollars in this physics game. If you place a span of steel that is only half of the maximum length, you will only have to pay one hundred dollars.

BridgeCraft is great fun for fans of physics games. This physics game is also great for children due to its cute graphics, simple controls, and easy difficulty level!

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