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Circles and Squares Instructions

Circles and Squares is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to rotate the level. Click on shapes to increase their size. Hold the shift key while clicking on shapes to reduce their size.

Circles and Squares Walkthrough

Circles and Squares is a physics game with colorful graphics that appeal to children (although older players will also enjoy this challenging game). This puzzle game features a simple concept, easy-to-learn controls, and fifty challenging levels.

The objective of Circles and Squares is twofold: remove all red shapes from the stage while moving blue shapes into the blue shaded areas. The faster you accomplish these tasks, the better your score will be. If any blue shapes fall off of the screen, you will fail the level and have to retry it. You may also reset the current level manually by clicking the button labeled "Reset Level" in the lower-right corner of the screen. Your progress is automatically saved in this physics game, so you can return to your progress at a later time or try to improve your score on stages that you have already beaten.

Circles and Squares uses the mouse as its primary method of control. Click and drag to rotate the stage so that objects will move with the force of gravity. Some levels of this physics game will display a lock at the top of the screen when you attempt to rotate the stage. When this occurs, you will have to use other means to complete your goal.

You may change the sizes of objects in this physics game by clicking on them. Click on shapes to increase their size, or hold the shift button while clicking them to reduce their size. The green bar at the bottom of the screen indicates how much you can grow and shrink shapes. Shrinking shapes increases the bar, while growing shapes reduces the bar. Shapes will shake their faces in a "no" fashion when their sizes cannot be increased or decreased any further.

Circles and Squares is a fun physics game that is appropriate for players of all ages that want a mind-challenging experience. The fifty levels of this puzzle game will keep you busy, and if this is too much for one sitting remember that your progress is saved so you can come back and finish later!

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