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Demolition City Instructions

Demolition City is controlled by using the mouse. Place dynamite by clicking on the structure. Click the "Boom" button to detonate the dynamite.

Demolition City Walkthrough

Demolition City is a physics game dealing with demolition, as its name implies. Demolition City features upbeat music, simple controls, and twenty levels.

The objective of Demolition City is to cause buildings to topples below the blue line on each level. To accomplish this goal, you will have to place dynamite on the structure and detonate it to cause the building to fall. If the building does not fall below the blue line, you will fail the level and have to retry it. You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete each level, and you may reset a level manually by clicking the reset button to the left of the "Boom" button. Your progress is automatically saved in this physics game, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Controlling Demolition City is simple. Click on concrete beams to place dynamite. When you are finished, click on the "Boom" button in the lower-right corner of the screen to detonate the bombs. You are given a limited supply of bombs on each level in this physics game, so place them wisely. The number of bombs that you have available is indicated at the bottom of the screen.

The key to success in Demolition City is proper bomb placement. You are allowed to place one bomb on each concrete beam. You cannot place bombs on steel beams. To effect steel beams, try to place your bombs close to where steel beams intersect with concrete beams. To maximize damage, it is best to place your bombs near the base of a structure. Remember that your bombs weaken the structure, but gravity does most of the hard work in this physics game.

Demolition City is a simple and fun physics game that is great for passing the time and testing your mind. If you are a fan of explosive puzzle games, then you will enjoy Demolition City!

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