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Demolition City 2 Instructions

Demolition City 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Place dynamite by clicking on the structure. Click the "Boom" button to detonate the dynamite.

Demolition City 2 Walkthrough

Demolition City 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Demolition City. Demolition City 2 features improved graphics, new tools to help you along, and over twenty new levels broken into five different cities.

The objective of Demolition City 2 is the same as the objective of its predecessor: demolish buildings and cause them to fall below the blue line. This physics game features five cities, each with its own style of buildings to destroy. You may complete the levels within each city in any order that you please, but to advance to the next city you must complete all levels in the current city. Your progress is saved after the destruction of each building, so you may continue your game at a later time should you need to take a break.

The controls of Demolition City 2 are the same as they were in the first Demolition City. To place bombs, simply click on the area of the building that you wish to place them. Click on the plunger labeled "Boom" in the lower-right corner of the screen to detonate your bombs. Unlike this physics game's predecessor, you may also use keyboard shortcuts if you wish. The shortcut for detonating bombs is the spacebar and the shortcut for resetting the level is the R key.

Demolition City 2 adds an improved monetary system. Money isn't just used for scoring, but it can also be used for buying new types of explosives. To buy or equip an explosive type, hover your mouse over the tools button and click on the tool that you wish to buy or equip. These tools are not necessary to demolish the buildings that you will encounter at the beginning of this physics game, but become useful in later stages.

Demolition City 2 is a dynamite sequel that is a vast improvement over the original physics game. If you enjoyed the first Demolition City, then you are sure to enjoy this sequel that retains the charm of the original while adding incredible new features!

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