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Dynamic Systems 2 Instructions

The control scheme of Dynamic Systems 2 is identical to the original physics game. Played entirely with the mouse, you will find yourself pointing and clicking from start to finish: from getting the game started, changing the angle of your platforms and installing different parts of your system, letting that ball roll towards the bucket, and everything else in between. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Dynamic Systems 2 Walkthrough

For fans of the original Dynamic Systems, rejoice! Dynamic Systems 2 is here to keep you entertained for the hours to come. Just like the original game, the objective of this physics game is to get that silver ball rolling and shoot it inside the bucket. While in essence, the second installment is identical to the original game, Dynamic Systems 2 came with enough improvements to make it stand out. Let's check them out.

If you are an achievement freak, you will love the fact that Dynamic Systems 2 comes with 6 different medals / achievements. There's the "Let's Begin" medal (worth 5 points), which requires finishing the first level. "Master The Hammer", on the other hand, is worth ten points and it's achieved by beating the 6th level. "Use The Gear", a medal worth 25 points, requires expert usage of that gear, which is necessary for beating the 11th level. Finish the 16th level and you bag the "Catch The Stars" medal which is worth 25 points. And as for the other medals and achievements, I'll leave them for you to discover! All in all, there are 215 points to be earned. I don't think you need to do anything outrageous, just enjoy the game, beat the levels as they come, and you are sure to win those achievements and points.

Inspired by Rude Goldberg Machines, this is one of those physics games that challenges you with delicate and mind-boggling puzzles. While rolling the silver ball is hardly an exciting task in the real world, within the 4 corners of Dynamic Systems 2, it's so absorbing it can keep you glued on your computer monitors for a long time. The original physics game was good BUT users cried for various improvements. As it turns out, their pleas aren't in vain! Here are some of the goodies added in the second game: (1) A fast forward button; (2) More objects at your disposal to build those intricate contraptions that will ultimately lead that silver ball to the bucket; (3) Custom levels created by other users; (4) A 3D interface that is easier to understand; and (5) The objects are way easier to pick and move.

Aside from those much needed improvements everything else stays and was kept the same so as not to alienate long-time fans of the game. Just like in the previous physics game, to help you hit the right course of action, you need to tweak and adjust the angles of the objects once you have them in the right place (which is A LOT easier to do now).

Pendulums, wheels, springs - every level in Dynamic Systems 2 comes with moving devices. HOWEVER, here's the tricky part - you hardly have any control over these moving devices! You need to get those creative juices flowing and come up with a way to make these moving devices work with the rest of your... well, dynamic system. The puzzle for every level increases in difficulty so expect some brain-wracking along the way. BUT once you finish the whole bunch of challenges, it's payback time! You can design your own level with the IMPROVED level editor and baffle fans of Dynamic Systems physics games.

Are you up to the task? There's only one way to find out. Play the game!

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