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Dynamite Blast Instructions

The control scheme of Dynamite Blast is as straightforward as it could get. Just like most physics games out there, it is played entirely with the mouse: from getting the game started, planting those dynamites, starting the level, detonating those explosives, and everything else in between. As long as you know how to point and click, you can play this physics game. HOWEVER, to really solve the puzzles and challenges in Dynamite Blast, it takes something more. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Dynamite Blast Walkthrough

With the New Year celebration just over, I won't be too surprised if you are still looking for something explosive. And if you happen to love physics games as well, then Dynamite Blast is a game you should take a look at. The objective of the game varies from level to level (you need to read the in-game instructions), BUT how to go about it is quite constant: you need to use those explosives / dynamites to get the job done. You need to place them on boxes, on beams, stones and those are just to name a few. Let me remind you, however, that the number of explosives you have are very LIMITED. You have to think first before planting them.

To install those dynamites, just click on the spot where you want them installed. Once you are done, it's time to set everything in motion by clicking the Start button at the lower left corner - it will set that train, truck, car, etc. moving. Next, you need to detonate those dynamites to get the reaction you want (again, look at the in-game instructions). To light them up and make them explode, just hit that left click button. However, you should time your explosions well... otherwise, you may not get the reaction the level requires. If you miss your chance, don't worry. You can always restart the level.

The physics game comes with 30 challenges that are increasing in difficulty. As I have said earlier, the task is different with every level. To see what you are supposed to do for a level, just click on the Help button at the bottom of the in-game screen.

There's a level where you need to explode bombs at the metal beams of the bridge... and you need to blow them up in a way that both cars crossing the bridge would fall down.

There's a level where your task is to help a motorcycle rider get to the flag with precisely timed explosions. One level requires you to burst down a tower made of metal beams so that both cars on top of it fall deep into the abyss.

And there is a level where you need to destroy a train except for one of the train carriages. As you can see, variety is one of the strong points of this game. BUT at the same time, all levels require nearly 100 percent precision to successfully beat it.

Now I have been browsing forums and gaming sites that host Dynamite Blast and it turns out that a lot of folks are thinking that level 9 and 11 are almost impossible to beat. Having played the game and the levels a couple of times, I have to say that all you need is a good dose of common sense and physics know-how.

For level 9, all you need to do is simply redistribute the weight to the right hand side. This is done by destroying the left side rock as well as a couple of right support beams to the left.

For level 11, that thing can easily flip over without ending the level. This requires timing the dynamite correctly and destroying the box... then the rock that's blocking the entrance. Once that is done, you just need to destroy the rock supporting the other rock that is located on the lower hand side. Do that and you get the flag!

If you want something that's nearly impossible to beat, get to the 19th level and we can talk. BUT you got to get there first. So stop reading and start playing this physics game NOW!

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