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Dynamite Blast 2 Instructions

If you have played the original Dynamite Blast game, then the control scheme of this physics game will be very easy for you to pick up. Just like the sequel, it is played entirely with the mouse: a couple of clicks to get the game started, click to plant those explosives at the right spots, click some more to start the level, another click to detonate the explosives... to sum things up, you will be clicking throughout the game. HOWEVER, this physics game isn't just about clicking mind you. It takes A LOT more than pointing and hitting the left mouse button. Let's take a close look at it.

Dynamite Blast 2 Walkthrough

Craving for explosions? Are you a HUGE fan of physics games? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will surely love Dynamite Blast 2! It's explosive and it's a good way to put that stock physics know-how to good use. For fellas who have indulged on the first game, this physics game needs no further introduction. For newcomers, however, read on.

The name of the game pretty much says what this is all about - with the help of your dynamites and explosions, you need to get the reaction that the level or task requires. Barges, towers, wooden logs, boxes, vehicles - you need to plant your bombs at the right places and detonate them at the RIGHT time to beat a challenge. Just like in the previous game in this physics game series, reading the HELP or in-game instructions is a must as the challenge varies from one level to another. And with 35 levels (5 levels more than the first game) of increasing difficulty, you can never be too sure what the challenge is unless you read it.

There are levels where you need to load your TNT on a metal bridge and detonate them so that the vehicles crossing it would fall below the yellow line. There are levels that require you to decimate buildings and towers without hurting anyone in the process. Some levels require precise placement of dynamites so that the resulting explosions would artificially create a bridge, which in turn would allow the biker to get across and get the flag. Those are just some of the challenges you need to beat in Dynamite Blast 2. As you can tell, variety is a strong point of this game.

Medals / Achievements: One thing that turned off achievement / medal freaks from the first game is the lack of medals or badges to play for. Taking good note of this, the creators of the game included 3 achievements to play for in Dynamite Blast 2. There's the Beginner Medal, the Expert Medal, and the Master Medal. It' NOT a lot BUT it's definitely better than nothing.

Beginner Medal - This medal requires that you beat the 3rd challenge by using only one bomb. By the way, the third level requires that you decimate all 3 towers and send them below the yellow line. You have 2 bombs but you can do it with only one by planting a TNT on the lower right corner of the first and highest tower. When detonated, this should send the tower tumbling down to the right, which will inevitably hit the other towers.

The Expert Medal, on the other hand, is achieved by beating the 21st level using only 2 bombs. And last but not the least, you need to complete level 33 with only 2 bombs to get the Master Medal. What challenges await you in those levels? Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out.

It's explosive. The levels and challenges are varied. The artwork ROCKS. And it will get your creative juices flowing. This is Dynamite Blast 2. Are you good enough to bag all the medals and beat all the levels? There's only one way to find out.

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