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Fantastic Contraption 2 Instructions

Fantastic Contraption 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the interface, select, and place tools. Zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel.

Fantastic Contraption 2 Walkthrough

Fantastic Contraption 2 is the sequel to Fantastic Contraption, and is an entertaining physics game like its predecessor. Fantastic Contraption 2 features superior graphics to the first and all-new puzzles that will test your mind. This version of the puzzle game contains twenty-one puzzles, including the tutorials.

If you are familiar with the first Fantastic Contraption, then Fantastic Contraption 2 will be easy for you to pick up. The objective of this physics game is still to get the pink wheel into the pink rectangular area on each level. You may play the levels in any order you wish, but I advise you to start at the beginning and play through the tutorial. Even if you have played the first Fantastic Contraption, you should still play through the tutorial because some new features have been added to Fantastic Contraption 2 that will require knowledge of new tricks and tools.

In Fantastic Contraption 2, some levels may have special properties such as moving platforms and walls. It is often a good idea to press the start button before placing any items to see if the level has any moving objects and to see how each item is effected by gravity. You may start and stop a level as many times as you please. It should be remembered, however, that you cannot modify a contraption in this physics game while the level is running.

Fantastic Contraption 2 also adds an additional tool to the game in the form of magnets. Magnets of the same polarization push each other away, while magnets of opposite polarization attract each other. Properly placing magnets can help you to accomplish your goal in some levels of this puzzle game.

Fantastic Contraption 2 is a sequel that retains the charm of its predecessor. If you have completed the first Fantastic Contraption, and want more challenging physics game fun, then play Fantastic Contraption 2 today!

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