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Fire It Up! Instructions

Fire It Up! Is controlled by using the mouse. Click anywhere to launch the ball of fire in that direction. Click again to stop the ball's movement. The R key is used to reset the current level.

Fire It Up! Walkthrough

Fire It Up! Is a physics game that lets you play with fire! This puzzle game features outstanding graphics and visual effects, simple mouse controls, and twenty-four challenging levels.

The objective of Fire It Up! is to light all of the lamps on each stage. To do this, you must launch fireballs to directly light the lamps or cause a series of events that will cause the lamps to be lit. You are given a limited number of fireballs on each level, indicated by the rightmost number in the lower-right corner of the screen. If you fail to accomplish your task before running out of fireballs, you will have to restart the level. Your progress is automatically saved after completing each level, so you may continue later if you cannot beat the entire game in one sitting.

You will have to shoot fireballs to accomplish your goal in Fire It Up!. Fireballs shot from one area on each level. You cannot move the position that you shoot from, so you will have to use your mind in order to figure out a solution to each puzzle. To shoot, simply move your cursor to the position that you wish to shoot a fireball to and click.

Your score in Fire It Up! Is based on the time that it takes for all of the lamps to be lit. The longer that you wait to act, the lower your score will be. Each levels starts you off with one thousand points. Each second that passes by costs you one point. You are also deducted fifty points for each fireball that you shoot in this physics game, so minimizing the times that you shoot will help you to retain your score. It is quite possible to complete the majority of levels by using only one fireball if you can think things through.

Fire It Up! can be challenging at times, but completing the levels might be easy for die-hard fans of puzzle games. Regardless of its simplicity, Fire It Up! is a physics game that will keep you entertained for its duration and heat up your brain cells!

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