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The control scheme of this physics game is as easy and as straightforward as it could get. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. HOWEVER, there's so much more to this game than just clicking. Let's take a closer look at Flaming Zombooka.

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Killing dreaded and brainless zombies is cool. BUT when you put them in a physics game that will challenge your wits and creativity, that's a different story... one that's REALLY fun and explosive! If you are on the same boat as I am, then you will love Flaming Zombooka. The game's objective is anything BUT complicated: you have a rocket launcher, there are zombies... what you need to do is get rid of the undead with the help of your weapon. You can kill those zombies by hitting them with a rocket or by triggering a reaction that will result to their demise.

One thing that I find quite amazing about this physics game is that all it takes is a single look at a level for you to tell what needs to be done. Piece of cake? Not exactly. Knowing what to do is just half of the equation. The other half is the execution, which is A LOT harder! You will soon realize that pulling off your brilliant conceptions is not as easy as it seems. But then, that's a lot better than being in the dark and resorting to trial and error.

Oh! And one more thing, while it's easy to figure out what you need to do in a level, there are multiple solutions to a single challenge. Exploring all of your options, without any regard for the result (do this after you beat the game), is a good way to kill some time.

For some of the challenges, one or two tries are enough to beat it. BUT for the most part, it took more than that. What you need to have is a laser accurate aim to beat every challenge in Flaming Zombooka. If you have that, beating every level should be a piece of cake. BUT then, that brings me to the question, who, on earth, has such an aim? If you think you do, this game will put your claims to the test!

Having beaten this physics game, I must say that it's A LOT better than other physics games of this type. I personally love the Super Zombies. I didn't even notice that they were wearing little superman costumes at first! My attention was drawn to the flashlight hats they are wearing... which doesn't resemble Superman's outfit in any way!

However, just when things are getting interesting, the game runs out of puzzles. 45 levels - that's how far you can go in this physics game. There are introductory levels that will help you learn the ropes. There are beginner levels, which are followed by intermediate levels. The tension and suspense builds up then... pfffttt! You are back to the very first level. I really would appreciate it if the developers would add MORE challenging levels.

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