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The control scheme of Flaming Zombooka 2 is as standard as it could get. Just like other physics games on the internet, Flaming Zombooka 2 is played entirely with the mouse - a couple of clicks to get the game started, a couple of more clicks to fire that zombie bazooka, watch that spiked sphere shred the zombies, rinse and repeat! That's about everything for the control scheme of this physics game. Let's take a closer look at the game itself.

Flaming Zombooka 2 Walkthrough

Flaming Zombooka 2 - if you enjoyed Flaming Zombooka, if you love physics game where you get to shred zombies from a safe distance, this is a game you should check out! If thinking outside the box is an activity you need some practice on, this physics game will give you A LOT of exercise thanks to the mind-boggling level designs as well as the continuous development of the game... keeping it fresh and exciting!

It's zombie bazooka time again with this physics game. It comes with an enough amount of improvements - it comes with MORE weapons, MORE gore (I don't know about you BUT that's a plus for me), MORE ways to kill zombies, a choice of characters, and those are just to name a few.

What I find amazing about this physics game is that, when you look at a level, you can easily tell what you need to do to solve it. BUT then comes the harder part: the execution! The details are not very easy to hit right... and pulling off your 'brilliant' solution is NOT as easy as it seems. BUT then, it's a lot better than having no idea at all and resorting to 'hit and miss' or 'trial and error' tactics.

I was able to nail down some of the levels in this physics game in the first or second try. BUT for the most part, it took multiple tries... and that's coming from someone who plays physics games regularly! I think the problem is my aim - it's a little off most of the time. That said, if your aim is laser-accurate and true, you shouldn't have any problem completing the levels in this game. BUT then, who has a laser-accurate aim? If you do, I'd suggest spending more time at the firing range instead. That would be a lot more fun and challenging, don't you think?

Now, before you think that this game is almost impossible, here's something to calm you down: you just have to trigger the RIGHT chain reactions. This game is based largely on chain reactions... EVERY level! I personally love chain reactions. I love physics game where getting a ball rolling to the RIGHT direction could cause explosions, devastate your enemies, etc. The not-so-good part, however, is that every level has it. And thanks to that, the game could feel repetitive after 20 or 25 levels. However, you can't have too much zombies getting mowed down by spiked spheres. Whether it's level 25 or 40, seeing zombies get crushed is always delightful to see. ?

That said, I really would have preferred if the levels become more and more diverse as you progress into the game. Since the game is being constantly developed with levels added to it, I'm hoping the developers would come up with a level pack that will really drive physics game fans nuts. Or, if that doesn't work, there's always the level editor where one can share their devilish puzzles and levels for this game. I'm sure a physics game nut will come up with a level... or 20, which will delight fans of the genre.

So summing things up, this is a physics game where you can see almost immediately what you need to do... BUT execution tries to get in the way. Keep your aim true and accurate and you shouldn't have any problem. If not, then this physics game will be challenging. In any case, Flaming Zombooka 2 packs a lot of fun and you shouldn't miss it!

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