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FWG Bridge Instructions

FWG Bridge is controlled by using the mouse. Click on an anchor point to begin placing bridge pieces. Click on pieces to remove them. Press the T key to test the bridge or the C key to clear the bridge. Hover your mouse over the arrows at the edge of the screen to scroll the blueprint.

FWG Bridge Walkthrough

FWG Bridge is the third installment of the Bridge Thing physics game series and the first installment sponsored by FreeWorldGroup. FWG Bridge features sprite graphics, simple controls, and three levels.

The objective of FWG Bridge is to build a bridge for the creatures to cross. If the creatures cross safely, then your bridge is a success. If they fall to their peril, then it's back to the drawing board! This physics game only features three levels which can be played in any order. The game does not automatically bring you back to the blueprint editor if any creatures fall, so you will manually have to return to the editor by pressing the escape key.

FWG Bridge is controlled by using the mouse. Click on nodes to begin placing sections of bridge. Move the mouse to spread out sections and click again to place the section and create a new node. Be sure to place sections of bridge over green lines since these are the places that creatures will actually travel over! Once you are satisfied with your design, press the T button to test the bridge.

You are given limited funds in each level of this physics game (unless you choose to play in Sandbox Mode). Each section of bridge, regardless of its length, costs one hundred dollars to place. For this reason, it is best to place as few sections as possible and make the sections that you do place as long as possible to save money.

As creatures pass over your bridge, sections of it may become weaker, making it easier to collapse as more creatures approach. For this reason, it is important to use a sturdy design. If you need inspiration, try looking at pictures of real bridges. The suspension bridge design works very well in this physics game!

FWG Bridge is an excellent physics game, but its brevity may make it disappointing for some. FWG Bridge is perfect for physics game fans that want quick entertainment that can be completed in one sitting, however!

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