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FWG Bridge 2 Instructions

FWG Bridge 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on an anchor point to begin placing bridge pieces. Click on pieces to remove them. Press the T key to test the bridge or the C key to clear the bridge. Hover your mouse over the arrows at the edge of the screen to scroll the blueprint.

FWG Bridge 2 Walkthrough

FWG Bridge 2 is the sequel to FWG Bridge and the fourth iteration of the Bridge Thing series of physics games. It is the second game in the series that is sponsored by FreeWorldGroup. FWG Bridge 2 features improved graphics, eight levels, and an additional building material, metal girders.

The objective of FWG Bridge 2 is to build a bridge that will allow the creatures to safely travel from one side of the stage to the other. If the creatures make it to their destination safely, then your bridge is a success; if the bridge breaks and the creatures fall, then you will have to try a new design. Like in its predecessor, this physics game does not take you back to the drawing board when creatures fall, so you will have to manually go back to blueprint mode by pressing the escape key. There are eight levels in this game which can be played in any order.

The controls of FWG Bridge 2 are the same as the controls of the first FWG Bridge. Click on nodes to begin placing pieces of bridge. Move the mouse to span the bridge sections and click to place them and create a new node. Green lines indicate where the critters will actually be walking, so make sure that you place sections of bridge over these lines. When you are ready to test your design, press the T key to do so.

Besides being a longer game with eight levels, the major difference between FWG Bridge 2 and its predecessor is the inclusion of metal girders. Metal girders are stronger than wood, but are three times more expensive, costing three hundred dollars a piece. For this reason, it is best to use metal only for sections of bridge that will actually be walked upon. Wood should be used for support structures since it is cheaper. If you decide to play this physics game in Sandbox Mode, however, money is no object so you can go wild and place as much metal as you desire.

FWG Bridge 2 retains the basic premise of its predecessor but adds much more content to the game. If you enjoyed FWG Bridge but found it to be too brief, then you will enjoy this physics game!

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