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Huje Adventure Instructions

Huje Adventure is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move by using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. The spacebar activates slow motion. To build structures with Hujos, click and drag them with your mouse.

Huje Adventure Walkthrough

Huje Adventure is a physics platforming game and the sequel to Huje Tower. Huje Adventure continues the story of its predecessor and features automatic saving of your progress and twenty achievements. If you manage to unlock all of the achievements, your character will get a cool pair of ski goggles!

Unlike its predecessor, Huje Tower, Huje Adventure is a platforming game, not a building game. The objective of Huje Adventure is to get your character, a gooey blob, from the beginning of each level to its exit. You are given three lives to complete each level. If you lose all of your lives on a level, you will have to restart it from its beginning. You may also restart a level manually by clicking the restart button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Although Huje Adventure is a platforming game, it retains many of the physics game properties of its predecessor. On some levels, you will run into Hujos that you can use to build towers which can be climbed to surmount obstacles. To build with Hujos, simply click and drag them into position by using your mouse.

You also have the ability to temporarily slow time in this physics game. To do this, use the spacebar. Slowing time can help you to avoid obstacles and enemies, climb towers easier, and time your jumps with greater ease. You can only slow time once per level, so use this ability wisely.

Huje Adventure is scored by the time it takes you to complete each level. The faster you finish a level, the more points you will earn. You ca always come back and reattempt a level to try to get a better score. Completing achievements also rewards points, so take a look at what tasks you need to accomplish in the achievements menu if you want to earn more points. If you manage to unlock all twenty achievements, your character will get a nifty pair of ski goggles to wear!

Huje Adventure is a physics game that is totally different from its predecessor, Huje Tower, so if you wanted gameplay similar to the first game, it may not be for you.. If you enjoy platforming games with excellent physics, or simply wish to continue the story, however, then be sure to play Huje Adventure!

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