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The control scheme of Huje Tower is very typical of physics games: if you have a mouse and you know how to point and click, you are good to go. However, as with other physics games, pointing and clicking won't get you far. You got to understand the game's physics. Let's take a closer look...

Huje Tower Walkthrough

Huje Tower - now I'm not too sure how to pronounce that. Anyway, this is a construction / physics game, which in my book is a fairly new genre of puzzle games. BUT new doesn't necessarily mean difficult. If you are someone who has owned an Erector Set or Tinker Toys back when you were a kid, Huje Tower should be refreshingly familiar to you. Most construction / physics games out there end up being nothing BUT a bridge or tower building affair. Some has other bells and whistles, others don't have as much, BUT basically, they are all the same. Well, Huje Tower may look like your average tower-building physics game, BUT it comes with enough enhancements that makes it fun, challenging, and allows it to stand on its own.

Deep under the city, right in the sewers, there are millions of tiny living bacteria. On a good day, they would swim in the area, satisfied in their lives. On a bad day, they would... well, swim in the area. They don't lead the MOST exciting lives but they are sure satisfied. However, one of them got a glimpse of what life outside of the sewers has to offer - bright sun, fresh air, blue surface, and those are just to name a few. It wasn't long since all of the bacteria are longing for the outside world. How to get there is the question that's been bugging these guys. Soon after, they realized that they can easily organize themselves in patterns... eventually creating towers that reach heights they once can only dream of! And as for you, it is your job to place them at the right spots, create the right patterns, and everything else in between until they reach the outside world.

To start off, you need to build your basic tower with the very basic red-colored bacteria. The red bacteria are normal building blocks that can be used for creating stable structures. The downside, HOWEVER, is that once they are used, they cannot be moved and reused. In your first levels, you will use the red bacteria almost all of the time. They are excellent for getting the hang of properly building stuff and the techniques associated with it. But as you will see, you can't rely on red bacteria alone. You see, the number of moves and bacteria you have at your disposal is limited, and we'll take a closer look at those later. Anyway, your main objective is to build a tower of bacteria that is high enough to reach the red goal on top of the playing field / game's screen.

Now, once you have built a tower that is HIGH enough to reach the red goal / line, it has to stay stable for 5 seconds. Once your tower holds up for 5 seconds, you beat the level and move on to the next. Later levels aren't just about building towers. There are extra tasks and challenges that you need to perform like waking up other sleeping bacteria and use them for your construction; creating some sort of contraption to release trapped micro-organisms or clear the way for your tower; and other sorts of challenges.

As I have mentioned earlier, you will discover other types of bacteria and they have their own unique properties: (1) The green bacteria are very much like the red ones. One BIG advantage that they have over their red counterparts, HOWEVER, is that you can disconnect them from the structure after use and reconnect them to another portion of your tower. (2) The brown bacteria, on the other hand, are for connecting to single points and hanging down to produce counterweight. (3) The yellow ones can latch onto certain stuff. This creates an unbreakable connection that will withstand even the tallest towers you build. (4) Last BUT not the least, the black bacteria can be used to create EXTREMELY powerful structures that can take on even the greatest pressures... and they will also force other objects out of the way.

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