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Let the Bullets Fly 2 Instructions

Let the Bullets Fly 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Aim by moving your mouse and click to shoot.

Let the Bullets Fly 2 Walkthrough

Let the Bullets Fly 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Let the Bullets Fly. Let the Bullets Fly 2 features vastly improved graphics, smoother animation, and forty new levels that will test your gun-slinging and problem-solving abilities.

As was the case in the first Let the Bullets Fly, the objective of Let the Bullets Fly 2 is to kill all of the prisoners on each level. You are given twelve bullets to fire on each level. If you fail to kill all of the prisoners after twelve shots, you will fail the level and have to retry it. Your progress is saved in this physics game, so you can come back and play any unlocked level at a later time.

Direct fire is not the only way to put down your targets in Let the Bullets Fly 2. Bullets will ricochet up to ten times against the edge of the screen and walls on the stage, so it is often useful to hit your targets by using bank shots. Bullets go through prisoners, so you can sometimes kill rows of prisoners with one well-aimed shot. You can also use items on the stage such as dynamite and crates to bring death to the prisoners. Wooden crates absorb bullets, but they can be destroyed if they are shot enough. Use your mind and be creative to solve the puzzles in this physics game.

There is no need to worry about hitting yourself with your own bullets in this physics game, but items on the stage can hurt you. If you are hit by falling dynamite, crates, or other objects, you will die, and will thus fail the level. There is no way for you to move your character in Let the Bullets Fly 2, so it is best to plan your shots carefully to avoid hurting yourself.

Let the Bullets Fly 2 is a marked improvement over its predecessor, and a fun physics game. This puzzle game is excellent for those with a mind for problem-solving and an itchy trigger finger!

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