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Red Remover Instructions

Red Remover is controlled by using the mouse. Click on light-colored shapes to remove them. To turn music or sound effects on or off, right click and select the appropriate item from the context menu.

Red Remover Walkthrough

Red Remover is a popular Flash puzzle game. This physics based game features simple, cute graphics, basic controls, gameplay that is easy to learn, and over forty challenging puzzles.

The objective of Red Remover is to remove all of the red shapes from the screen as the name of the game implies. In the case of lighter-colored shapes, this can be done by directly clicking on them. Most shapes in this physics game will be removed by gravity, however, so you will have to removes other shapes to cause a chain of events that will cause all of the red shapes to fall off of the stage.

Not only will you have to remove red shapes in Red Remover, you will have to make sure that the green shapes stay on the screen. If an green shapes are removed from the screen, you will fail the level and have to retry it. If you feel that there is no way to solve a puzzle in its current state, you may reset a level manually by clicking the "Pause/Rest" tab in the lower-right corner of the screen, then clicking the "Reset LVL" button. Fortunately, blue shapes are neutral in this physics game, so it doesn't matter if they stay or if they go.

As you progress in this physics game, you will have to face off against greater challenges. The puzzles will becomes more complex, and by level eleven, you will have to deal with multiple planes of gravity! In order to tell which direction a shape will fall pay attention it its face. A shape will fall in the direction of the bottom of its face.

Later levels of Red Remover can be borderline frustrating, but keep at it. Do not be ashamed to reattempt or reset levels if you have to. It may help to observe what happens without your intervention at first. You can then reset the level with knowledge of what will happen, then make the right choices to accomplish your goal. If you need to take a break, don't worry; your progress is saved so you can continue from where you left off at a later time.

Red Remover is a cute and addicting physics game. If you are in search of a casual puzzle game that is easy to pick up but still challenging, then you've found it in Red Remover!

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