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Redstar Fall Instructions

Redstar Fall is controlled by using the mouse. Click on objects to remove them. Use the spacebar or the R key to restart the current level.

Redstar Fall Walkthrough

Redstar Fall is a physics game with a simple concept. Despite its name this puzzle game does not depict the fall of the Soviet Union and has nothing to do with the Cold War. Redstar Fall features simple, notebook-style graphics, soothing music, and twenty levels.

The objective of Redstar Fall is to get the red star to rest on the bottom platform without allowing it to fall off of the stage completely. If the star comes to rest on the platform, you will move on to the next level. If the star falls off of the stage, you will have to restart the level. You may restart levels manually by pressing the R key or the spacebar.

In order to get the star to rest on the platform, you must use the force of gravity. Remove objects beneath the star to cause it to fall, but be sure that the star does not fall off of the screen or you will fail the level and have to try again. You must wait a while after the removal of an object to be able to remove another, so if your initial strategy involves quickly removing objects, you may have to rethink your plan.

To attain a high score in Redstar Fall, you must complete each level as quickly as possible. The clock will start ticking as soon as the level starts, so make your moves quickly. You may retry levels that you have previously beaten and attempt to get a higher score if you wish. Your progress is automatically saved in this physics game, so you may continue your progress at a later time.

Redstar Fall is a physics game with a simple premise and easy controls, making it quick to pick up, but it's challenging puzzles will keep you busy and entertained. If you are looking for a physics game that won't waste your time with complex controls, then Redstar Fall is just what you are looking for!

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