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Rubble Trouble: New York Instructions

Rubble Trouble: New York is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the interface and to select and use tools. To pan the screen, move your mouse to the edges of the screen or use the arrow keys. You may press the R key to restart the current level.

Rubble Trouble: New York Walkthrough

Rubble Trouble: New York is a physics-based destruction game where you must demolish buildings in the Big Apple! Rubble Trouble: New York features sprite graphics, catchy music, and thirty-two new buildings to demolish.

Your objective in Rubble Trouble: New York is to earn money by blowing up buildings. In order to complete each level, you must make or exceed the quota amount of money. Once you have met the quota for the level, you will proceed to the next. If you run out of time, equipment, or cause so much collateral damage that it becomes impossible to meet your quota, you will fail the stage and be forced to reattempt it. You may retry levels and infinite number of times in this physics game, and you can manually restart a level by pressing the R key. Your progress is automatically saved, so you may replay any unlocked level or continue your progress as a later time.

There are a variety of destructive tools at your disposal in Rubble Trouble: New York, many of them completely unconventional! To select a tool, click on the associated button at the bottom of the screen. To learn more about a tool and its usage, hover your mouse over the button and a tooltip will be displayed. Some levels of this physics game limit the amount of uses of each tool, so use them wisely!

Aside from your primary objective of earning your quota, some levels of Rubble Trouble: New York have specific conditions that must be met or prevented. It is always a good idea to prevent collateral damage or injury to your workers or bystanders, because these will cost you a large sum of money, and will often cause you to fail in this destruction game. Pay attention to the dialogue at the beginning of each level as it will help you to know what conditions must be met and which ones to avoid.

Rubble Trouble: New York is a satisfying destruction game that will please gamers that love big explosions and demolition. Of course, this physics game isn't all meat-headed action, so you will get to exercise your brain as well as satisfy your craving for big booms in Rubble Trouble: New York!

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