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Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance Instructions

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to aim your shots. Click to shoot. You may restart the current level by pressing the R key.

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance Walkthrough

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance is the sequel to Siege Hero (also known as Sieger). Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance features the same style of gameplay and uses the same controls as its predecessor but features more cartoonish graphics that make the game seem less serious and more appropriate for children.

The objective of Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance is to kill all of the Viking defenders of each castle by causing the castle to fall on them. As was the case in Sieger, you can only aim at walls or towers of the castle, not directly at defenders, so creative thinking will be necessary to get your body count in this physics game. You must also avoid killing peasants that are being held captive. If you kill a hostage, you will be forced to restart the level. You may restart levels manually by pressing the R key.

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance contains thirty-five challenging levels. Each level has a par number of shots. If you manage to kill all of the defenders in the par number of shots or less, you will earn a crown for that level. You may reattempt any level that you have previously beaten to attempt to earn a crown on it if you desire. After you have mastered the thirty-five main levels of this puzzle game, you may want to try your hand at destroying castles made by other users!

If you have mastered destroying castles, why not try building them? To use the castle builder, select its button on the main menu. In the castle builder, use your mouse to select objects that you wish to place. Click on the grid to place items. You may also select the number of shots that it takes to earn a crown, the number and types of projectiles available, defenders, hostages, and even set the background that you want! You should place at least one defender on the map unless you don't want it to be possible to lose the siege. You can save or load castles that you create,and if you have an account with Armor Games you can even share your creation with the world!

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance is an excellent puzzle game that is more appealing to children than its predecessor, Sieger. If you enjoyed Sieger, but want a physics game that is a bit more colorful, then Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance is just the game for you!

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