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Sieger Instructions

Sieger is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to aim shots. Click to fire. You may press the R key to restart the current siege.

Sieger Walkthrough

Sieger (also known as Siege Hero on iPhone) is a physics game that is similar to Crush the Castle, except that instead of controlling a catapult from a third-person perspective, your artillery is aimed from a first-person perspective. Sieger features epic music, outstanding graphics, and satisfyingly destructive gameplay.

Your objective in Sieger is to take out all of the castle's defenders on each level. When all defenders have been killed, you will proceed to the next level. Be careful, however, because some levels of this physics game contain hostages that must survive the siege. If one of these hostages is killed, you will have to restart the level. You may manually restart a level by pressing the R key. Sieger consists of twenty-eight levels that are (very) loosely-based upon actual historical sieges, but you may also play levels designed by other gamers!

If you excel at efficiently destroying castles in Sieger, you may win medallions. Each level has a gold, silver, and bronze medallion. If you are in for a real challenge, try to earn a gold medallion on each level. The par number of shots that can be taken while still earning the medallions is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you complete a level in this physics game but fail to earn a medallion, you may return to any previously-beaten level at a later time to retry it.

Unlike in Crush the Castle, you cannot try to directly shoot defenders in Sieger. Instead, you can only aim at the castle. You will have to use your mind to hit the right places in the structure to cause debris to fall on the soldiers. If you want to increase your score, you can also collect treasure chests by causing debris to fall onto them. Remember that you want to avoid killing hostages in this physics game!

Sieger is a satisfying puzzle game that in my opinion, is more fun than the popular and somewhat similar Crush the Castle. Man the catapult and lay waste to your enemies in Sieger!

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