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Sticky Ninja Academy Instructions

Sticky Ninja Academy is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on your ninja to control their jump, release the mouse button and they will jump. To cancel a jump, keep your mouse button held down and move your mouse back over the ninja, release the mouse button while it is over the ninja and the jump will be canceled. To look around the stage, click on the backgrounds and drag. You may use the P key to pause the game and the R key to restart a level.

Sticky Ninja Academy Walkthrough

Sticky Ninja Academy is a physics game that contains elements of various genres, including platforming games, fighting games, and puzzle games. Sticky Ninja Academy features simply graphics, thirty stages, and the excellent gameplay and slight humor that we have come to expect from games developed by LongAnimals.

The objective of Sticky Ninja Academy is to complete the thirty training courses of the academy. To do this, you must defeat the white ninjas, steal all of the treasure on a level, and make it to the exit. You must also avoid deadly enemies and objects in this physics game as well. If you die on a level, you have an infinite number of attempts to retry it. Your progress is also saved, so you may continue the game at a later time from any level that you have previously unlocked. You can also retry completed levels to try to attain a higher score.

Sticky Ninja Academy provides a tutorial on its first few levels. If you are new to this physics game, I advise you to pay close attention to the tutorial because it will teach you the basic controls as well as the various surfaces and hazards that you will face. You may also wish to click the help button on the main menu is you would like an overview of the controls, enemies, and hazards featured in this puzzle game.

In order to increase your score in Sticky Ninja Academy, you may smash additional objects such as crates, vases, and barrels to gain additional points. Hitting multiple enemies or objects in one kick will reward you with a combo multiplier, and may also decrease the number of jumps that you must perform to complete the level. Each level has a perfect number of jumps that it takes to complete it. If you are able to complete the level in this par number of jumps or less, you will be greatly rewarded. Even if you cannot score a perfect on a level, it is still a good idea to complete each level in as few jumps as possible to gain a greater bonus at the end of the level. Remember that you can come back to any level that you have completed in this physics game to attempt to increase your score!

Sticky Ninja Academy is an outstanding physics game, but nothing less than outstanding is expected from LongAnimals! If you really want to become the greatest ninja, ditch Naruto and play Sticky Ninja Academy!

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