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Vampire Physics Instructions

Vampire Physics is controlled by using the mouse. Click on wooden surfaces to remove them.

Vampire Physics Walkthrough

Vampire Physics is a physics game that reminds us that vampires are bloodthirsty creatures, not sparkling emo characters. Vampire Physics features cartoonish graphics, easy controls, and thirty-six levels.

The objective of Vampire Physics is to turn all humans into vampires. In order to do this, you must strategically remove wooden planks so that your vampire will collide with humans. When such a collision occurs, your vampire will automatically bit the human, transforming them into a vampire. When all normal humans have been transformed into vampires, you will be able to move on to the next level.

Not all humans are capable of being victimized in Vampire Physics. If your vampire bumps into a priest, he will kill the vampire and you will fail the level. Garlic will have the same deleterious effect on your vampire in this puzzle game. A helpful tip to remember, however, is that humans are hungry, and will eat garlic, removing it from the stage. Try to use this to your advantage when you can. Aside from priests and garlic, you must make sure that your vampire does not fall off of the stage. If you fail a level, you can reattempt it as many times as necessary to beat it. You may also retry levels that you have completed before to try to get a higher score.

You can earn more points for quickly completing a level in Vampire Physics. Removing fewer objects will also reward you with a higher score. One a level is unlocked, you can try it again as many times as you want to try to earn a higher score. You may also return to unlocked levels at a later time if you need to take a break.

Vampire Physics is a physics game that features vampires as the monsters that they should be, not as girly sparkling characters. That does not mean that this puzzle game is excessively gory, however, and it is appropriate for players of all ages, as long as they have a mind for problem-solving!

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