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Vehicles Instructions

The game is played entirely with the mouse. BUT as with any decent physics game, it's NOT just all point and click. You got to learn to work your way around the game's physics. Onto the game!

Vehicles Walkthrough

"Stop in the name of the law! Wiu Wiu!" Now that doesn't sound very commanding, does it? Well, the main stars of this physics game - Vehicles, sound just like that. Instead of looking like the long and powerful arms of law, they come across as cutesy cartoon police cars that can be easily squished. BUT don't let that fool you. This game packs a lot of fun.

Your goal in every level is to get rid of all the evil cars from the play area. You need to use the mouse - click to start and stop all of the good cars (from police cars to massive fire trucks). Along with that, you can also remove black and white striped blocks with a single mouse click. As for the red and white striped blocks, you need to move a good car onto the red button. If you are eying a spot in the leader's scoreboard, you can go for a bonus by trying to get as many cars as possible into the glowing parking lots. Now, if none of these make any sense to you, don't worry. There's a tutorial that will help you get started in the RIGHT direction.

Aside from the cute and cuddly look of this physics game (which shines in unexpected ways), it also comes with a nice variety coupled with good build-up in the difficulty levels spanning from the very first all the way to the thirty fifth. Now, for those of you who are here for some tips and tricks, and perhaps a step-by-step walkthrough for the MOST difficult levels, come aboard and find the answers you seek!

Unlocking The Later Levels: Some of you may be wondering how you can unlock the later levels (21 and beyond). Here's how: to open levels 21 to 25, which are known as the MEGA levels, you need to get gold stars on all of the previous levels. YES, gold stars on levels 1 to 20 and I know that's NOT an easy feat. BUT once you do that, you are good to go. Only the 21st level will be unlocked initially, BUT the preceding levels should be unlocked after dealing with the current on. As for levels 26 to 35, these are the Sponsor Levels. Click where it says "Sponsor Levels". Doing so will take you to the Sponsor's website and will unlock the 26th level.

Beating Level 8: To start off, use the BIG red truck and push the ambulance to the right all the way into the striped area. Remove that striped area so that the ambulance falls to level right below it. After that, move the ambulance to the left (CAREFULLY) and nudge the pole so it falls. While the tire is rolling down the ramp, release the police car (click on the striped area underneath and start it). The tire will push the bad guy out of the road. And finally, stop the police car while it's on the green parking lot.

Solving The FINAL (35th) Level: Start off with the police car. Gun him and stop. You want him to fall in that small hole in an upside down position. After that, gun the bad car to push the wheel forward. BUT be careful. You have to stop before the red area. If you pull that off correctly, the wheel will be directly on top of the cop car. Start the cop car and wait. Do it right and the cop car will start spinning the BIG wheel pretty quick. Once it's spinning really fast, use the ambulance and push the box on the wheel. It will throw the box to the switch. Onto the final step: all you have to do now is to park the ambulance on top of the wheel and that will get you the parking bonus. There's some crazy physics involved in this level... which is no surprise since it's the LAST level. BUT believe me, it's all worth the trouble.

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