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The control scheme of Vehicles 2 is very much the same with the previous game: just use your mouse for interacting with your surroundings, moving your vehicle to the right spot, and everything else in between.

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And Dmitriy Fyudorov and Dmitriy Zaletov's with another physics game that will surely rock your world - Vehicles 2. A sequel to the popular physics game of the same name, Vehicles 2 will show you how to dispose those criminals and, is it right to say 'revolutionaries'?, who want to create havoc and chaos in the municipality by parking where they are NOT supposed to; robbing banks; setting buildings on fire; and everything else in between. Using the municipality vehicles and forces - fire fighters; ambulances; police mobile; etc., you need to efficiently and hilariously get rid of these hooligans.

And the fun part is that the whole process usually involves the sort of vehicle violence that brings spice and life to Vin Diesel movies. Ramming BIG and bad vans all the way to the edge of a platform? Check! Pushing the baddies to a drum or two of highly explosive fuel? Double check! Changing directions in mid air; activating your nitro; jump with your ambulance and more for the name of justice and public service? A MASSIVE check!

The objective of the game is pretty much the same with the previous physics game in the series: your objective is to eliminate ALL of the bad vehicles in every level. Anything car or van that's black, it's bad. And no, the creators of the game are not racists. Aside from that, you also need to get the good guys - the municipal vehicles, to their destination - take the ambulance to the hospital; the fire truck, on the other hand, should cool down that building on fire; and the police cars, finally, should get to the police station or the scene of the crime (like a bank that's being robbed). Oh! And one more thing, every vehicle comes with its own unique ability (which is activated by clicking that power button on the bottommost part of the screen) that you can use to tip the balance in your favor. We will have a closer look at those abilities later.

Now, let's get down to the basics: using your mouse, get the municipal vehicles moving - police cars, ambulance, fire trucks, etc. by clicking on them. To make them stop at the right spot, click them again.

By the way, you will encounter vehicles and cars that are NOT part of the municipality justice force (sounds cheesy, doesn't it? I just made that up) BUT at the same time, they do not belong to the baddies' group. These vehicles are neutral and can be used to help the municipality cars get the job done.

Moving forward, let's now have a closer look at the unique abilities of your ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars. The first one, the ambulance, can jump over a bunch of obstacles. The fire fighting trucks, on the other hand, comes with a nitro and, ironically, sets the road on fire. And last BUT not the least, the police car can flip and change directions.

These unique abilities may not sound much BUT once you start playing, you will surely appreciate how these 'powers', as they are called in the game, help you get an advantage in the field. The ambulance can leap to baddies rear and take care of him from behind before going to his destination. The nitro, on the other hand, allows the fire truck to blaze through and safely cross paths and roads that have pretty wide gaps on them... something that the police car and ambulance cannot do safely. And lastly, the police car's ability to change direction allows it to spank those big, black, and bad cars that are behind it.

The game comes with 40 levels that are increasing in difficulty. As for the physics part, which is where the meat is at, I must say it is great... much better than the previous game's physics engine in a number of ways. Plus, the game play, which is fun and addictive, didn't hurt the game's reputation. If you find yourself stuck and unable to progress, there's always a walkthrough you can consult. BUT don't abuse it. Otherwise, it won't be fun.

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